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AKMA , is an employment and recruitment domestic helpers or maid agency in Philippines. We are a registered company and also licensed. We specialized in the recruitment of qualified maids or domestic helpers.

We carefully select potential domestic helpers or maids. They went through personal one-to-one interview with our assessors. Their suitability to be a Maid or Domestic Helper is further determined by our trainers on the basic Practical Household Skills Test. Once they cleared the interview and practical assessment, they would be placed in our specialized training center for both communication and skills training. This would further enhanced their interpersonal and practical skills before beginning work. We place a high level of importance on customers’ service satisfaction and would follow-up on the maids or domestic helpers’ progress from time to time. We always welcome feedback from employers on all matters at any time.

Company Goals to let you choose us

We pay special attention to your requirements and try our best to match suitable domestic helpers or maids to your needs. We offer the lowest Domestic Helper or Maid Agency Fee in the Selection Process. There is no hidden cost. We specially select and train the Maids or Domestic helpers to ensure that your household work is duly taken care of and well completed. We welcome all queries/advices during the Domestic Helper or Maid Selection Process. This is extended beyond handing over the Domestic Helper or Maid to Employer.


We are committed to meet our client's satisfaction by ensuring them that they would get their preferred the right Maids they need. We are the ones that travelling around the Philippines to hire Maids to give you a wide range of choices. In addition, we are also hiring everyday at our agency. So just call us and don't be hesitant to ask whatever you prefer or like from the Maids that you will hire. So just call us and we are always open for your needs.

We spend and focus a lot of our time on the quality of Maids that we supply to our clients. We don't supply our Maids if they fail to attain even one of our requirements and rules. All our Maids undergo medical clearances with our affiliated clinic for our health requirements. We require them to get a new NBI clearance even if they have existing NBI clearances. We do our background investigation program like verifying their province addresses, calling their immediate family, previous employers and close friends, and a lot more of our investigation techniques. We interview, chat and talk to our Maids to dig in more & additional information about them. Then we train them with our comprehensive training program. Expect a highly trained, healthy, secured and competent Maids from our Agency.

Meet our creative Team

Perfect blend of creativity and technical wizardry. The best people formula for great Al Kadamany Maid Agency.

Afif Al Kadamany
Jessiebel Picoy
Lalaine Grace C. Gundaya
Legal services
Jecel E. Bangculayan
Accounting Department

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