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   Al Kadamany Maid Agency believes that a clean and well-organized home is the foundation of a happy family. That's why we provide top-quality maid and housekeeping services to homes across the Philippines. We also offer experienced babysitters who will ensure your children's safety and well-being while you're away. And for those needing extra care, we offer compassionate caregivers who will provide personalized support to your loved ones. As the only maid agency licensed by the Department of Labor in Region XII, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and excellence. So if you want to experience the peace of mind that comes with a clean and well-organized home.
   We carefully select potential domestic helpers or maids. They went through personal one-to-one interview with our assessors. Their suitability to be a Maid or Domestic Helper is further determined by our trainers on the basic Practical Household Skills Test. Once they cleared the interview and practical assessment, they would be placed in our specialized training center for both communication and skills training. This would further enhanced their interpersonal and practical skills before beginning work. We place a high level of importance on customers’ service satisfaction and would follow-up on the maids or domestic helpers’ progress from time to time. We always welcome feedback from employers on all matters at any time.


Housekeepers/maids are responsible for making sure all assigned areas of the home are clean, neat, and tidy. This includes any indoor household cleaning and organizing tasks assigned by the employer and may regularly include cleaning. Typical responsibilities include vacuuming, dusting, laundry, mopping and waxing floors and changing and laundering linen. Some housekeeper/maid positions also require cooking or food preparation and heavy cleaning, like cleaning windows and furniture. The responsibilities should be specified early in the interview process to ensure the candidate is willing to tackle the tasks required.


The main role of a nanny is to provide a safe, caring, nurturing and stimulating environment in which the children thrive and develop. General responsibilities include undertaking most all tasks related to the children’s care. Depending on the family requirements, the ages of the children and other factors, but typically nannies are responsible for keeping the children’s areas neat and tidy and doing the children’s laundry, in addition to providing attentive, high quality childcare. While some families may ask the nanny to take on additional household tasks, such as housekeeping and the parent’s laundry, depending on the position, these duties may be better suited for a nanny/housekeeper.


Caregivers are responsible for providing companionship, care, and support to the elderly. Their responsibilities typically include preparing and presenting meals, providing physical and hygiene support, as well as pleasant companionship. Caregiver duties are wide-ranging. One moment a caregiver may be shopping for meals or cleaning the carpet and the next they could be discussing medication dosage with the pharmacist, or arranging transportation for a specialist appointment. The caregiver, whether a professional or a family member, is responsible for ensuring continuity of care to the senior loved one, whatever that entails.

Boy helper

A boy helper offers personalized support to the family and/or the individual they support. Responsibilities will often include making travel arrangements, organizing events/engagements, running errands, managing appointments or calendars, making reservations, placing orders, answering/returning calls, and many other similar administrative, clerical and support duties. it depends what kind of boy helper you are asking for. Can be for a farm, house, restaurant or any place...

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About Us

AKMA , is an employment and recruitment domestic helpers, maid agency in Philippines.

We are the only registered company in region XII and also licensed. Specialized in the recruitment of qualified maids or domestic helpers.

We offer the lowest Domestic Helper or Maid Agency Fee in the Selection Process. There is no hidden cost. We pay special attention to your requirements and try our best to match suitable domestic helpers or maids to your needs.We specially select and train the Maids or Domestic helpers to ensure that your household work is duly taken care of and well completed.

We welcome all queries/advices during the Domestic Helper or Maid Selection Process. This is extended beyond handing over the Domestic Helper or Maid to Employer.

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